We are open from Monday 19 April.

We still need to observe the hygiene and distancing guidelines and MASKS are OBLIGATORY on entering the studio, but can be removed for your class. 



At Wholeycow, we are passionate about keeping you fit and healthy.

We believe that good health is about balance; we offer a broad range of classes, personal training and therapies to help you be your personal best.  If you are busy and active, then a chilled yoga class could help recharge & rebalance you; or, if you are stuck at your desk most of the day, then an energising spin class can help keep your muscles strong and active. 

We also believe that true health & happiness comes from looking after the mind as well as the body. That is why you will find many yoga classes on our schedule. Yoga helps to calm your mind from excess clutter, helping you find clarity and perspective so you can function mentally at your best. 


Alongside our yoga and fitness classes you will find personal training sessions and private pilates reformer sessions. These are great for people with specific areas to work on or with time restraints or who prefer to have a one-to-one focus.

To support you in finding a balanced lifestyle we also provide a broad range of therapies, such as sports massage, deep tissue massage, energy balancing treatments, reflexology, aromatherapy massage and acupressure. We aim to help you be the best that you can be.

Make your health a lifestyle.


Classes for all your needs

It's all about you


We may have good intentions to stay fit and healthy but sometimes a little encouragement from someone else can be a huge help.

Our goal is to help you be the best you can be.

When you sign up for membership, we offer a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your health and fitness goals and the ways in which you can achieve them with us.




Improving fitness in the mountains  -  Améliorer le fitness à la montagne

Try: Spin classes for leg strength and endurance, CardioBox, Fitness Circuits, Yoga for mobility, balance and injury prevention **** Essayez : Cours de spinning pour la force et l'endurance des jambes, CardioBox, Circuits de remise en forme, Yoga pour la mobilité, l'équilibre et la prévention des blessures

Stress Relief  - Soulagement du stress

Try: Relaxation massage, Yin or restorative yoga, Reiki session, theta hypnotherapy **** Essayez : Massage de relaxation, Yin ou yoga réparateur, séance de Reiki, hypnothérapie thêta

Rehabilitation of an injury  -  Rééducation d'une blessure

Try: Low Impact classes, Private Training or Pilates Reformer Sessions **** Essayer: Entraînements personnel, séances de Pilates Reformer

Lose weight  -  Perdre du poids

Try: HIIT and Spin classes, Fit and Flow yoga, Personal Training for weight loss, nutrition coaching Essayez : HIIT et Spin classes, Fit and Flow, Personal Training pour la perte de poids, coaching nutritionnel

Building muscle -  Développer la musculature

Try: TRX Circuits, Personal training, Power Yoga **** Essayez : Circuits TRX, Entraînement personnel, Power Yoga

Improving flexibility - Améliorer la flexibilité

Try: yoga, pilates, Thai massage **** Essayez : Cours de yoga et de Pilates, massage thaï



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