Suzy Udvarhelyi

Suzy started dancing at the age of twelve and has been an athlete almost all her life; dancing has become her passion. She is a certified Choreographer, Nutritionist, Group Fitness, Cardio Dance and Kangoo Jumps instructor. Suzy believes that Dance is a way she lets her soul communicate with the community around her. Her motto is : ''Turn up to get down.''

Dancing is the ultimate mood booster! It increases levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin and studies have shown it can help reduce stress and ease anxiety and sometimes tricky choreography might just be keeping our brain young and agile.

Cardio Dance is a full-body workout that targets every muscle group, moving in a large range of motion - great for strengthening your heart and lungs while getting blood pumping around the body. Suzy mixes easy choreography with big tunes for an addictive workout that never disappoints.