5 Elements - Spinal journey

with Tapashi Devchoudhury 

Tapashi offers a spinal journey through a series of 5 sessions over 5 Sundays.

Each session corresponds to one of five elements and 1 more chakras associated to it.

During each 3 hour session you will be guided into meditative qi flow yoga, breathwork, and trauma release.

You can join for as many sessions as you would like, but preference will be given to those who sign up for all 5. 

Bhoomi (Earth) - Day 1
Root chakra

Udaka (Water) - Day 2
Sacral chakra

Agni (Fire) - Day 3
Solar plexus chakra

Vaayu (Air/Wind) - Day 4
Heart and throat chakras

Akaasha (Space/Ether) - Day 5
Third eye & crown chakra


Price per session:

90 chf Non Member / 80 chf Member 

Wholeycow Studio

+41 77 463 06 47




First Wednesday of the Month

with Eloise Vestberg

How Breathwork can help you? You will effortlessly connect deeply to your subconscious to facilitate self healing from injury, grief and trauma. “Studies are revealing that, by changing the patterns of breathing, it is possible to restore balance to the stress response systems, calm an agitated mind, relieve symptoms of anxiety, improve physical health and endurance, elevate performance and enhance relationships. Everyone experiences breath work differently, but you will most likely experience deep relaxation, releasing feelings of anxiety and find a heightened clarity of mind.

Please bring a blanket and warm clothes and do not eat a large meal 1.5 hours prior to the session.

After a short introduction, you will be guided into a breathing technique. Ellie will guide you through the session with introspective and energising music, she will individually assist as needed. We will close with a little conversation and reflection. 


Price per session:

30chf Non Member / 25 chf Member 

Wholeycow Studio

+41 77 463 06 47