Ski Biomechanics 

with Tom Waddington 

2 – 6 Nov 2020

This week we focus on full body integrated movement, specifically for ski fitness, giving you exercises to take away and new insights for sport specific training, including:

* sensory awareness development * breathing, mobility and strength and how they all connect * an in-depth look at our joints and how we use them for different skiing moves * personal body limitation analysis * ski specific strength development exercises with progressions * advice and help planning a tailored program for your own goals and level * dynamic explosive moves done the right way * building cardiovascular fitness the right way

Monday to Friday

9h-10h15 daily 

Outside Training


Wholeycow Studio

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First Wednesday of the Month¨ 

with Eloise Vestberg

4 Nov 2020

How Breathwork can help you? You will effortlessly connect deeply to your subconscious to facilitate self healing from injury, grief and trauma. “Studies are revealing that, by changing the patterns of breathing, it is possible to restore balance to the stress response systems, calm an agitated mind, relieve symptoms of anxiety, improve physical health and endurance, elevate performance and enhance relationships. Everyone experiences breath work differently, but you will most likely experience deep relaxation, releasing feelings of anxiety and find a heightened clarity of mind.

Please bring a blanket and warm clothes and do not eat a large meal 1.5 hours prior to the session.

After a short introduction, you will be guided into a breathing technique. Ellie will guide you through the session with introspective and energising music, she will individually assist as needed. We will close with a little conversation and reflection. 


30chf Non Member / 25 chf Member 

Wholeycow Studio

+41 77 463 06 47



Fill Your Cup A Self Care Workshop

With Anita Jetzer

5 Nov 2020


Ever heard the expression 'You can't pour from an empty cup'? What exactly does 'self care' entail? This workshop will teach you how to keep a check on energy levels, with insights how to restore and revitalise as needed, learning to look after yourself so that you can help others.

One big task about being an adult is to learn to mother ourselves, to make sure we stay well & healthy. Sometimes easier said than done. Together we will reflect about where in life you would like to take better care of yourself and what keeps you away from doing so.

Deepen your understanding about the vicious circle of stress and how this influences your energy levels, analyse your inner and outer stressors and learn about the importance of resetting your autonomous nervous system regularly.

Next to this more informative part we will move together through a restorative Yoga practice as well and end the workshop with a Yoga Nidra journey (yogic sleep).


75chf Non Members/Members  60chf  Wholeycow Studio

+41 77 463 06 47



2 Days - Understanding Stress  

with Svetlana Negashova

28 & 29 Nov 2020

Stress is a natural adaptive and defensive mechanism of our bodies, it’s the body’s response to changes. Eustress means beneficial stress - either psychological, physical or biochemical. Distress is the type of stress which has negative implications. We will look at these different types of stress and understand how they affect the body and mind, learn to distinguish stress from eustress and distress, how to recognise signs of distress in the body, and how to read the body for signs when these stress patterns are unwinding and resolving. Finally, we will learn some tools of how to release the issues that got stuck in our tissues.

All levels of physical abilities are welcome.

Saturday November 28 


Sunday November 29


150 chf Non Members/Members  140chf  Wholeycow Studio

+41 77 463 06 47