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Emilie Thomas 

Emilie was born in the mountains of Verbier. From an early age, she was passionate about ballet and danced until the age of thirty. She is an avid mountaineer, climber and skier, embracing mountain life.

After studying law at university in Geneva and Basel, she began to practise as a trainee lawyer. She discovered how the human mind is tricky and how often the root of our difficulties lies in our state of mind.

This encouraged her to study yoga philosophy and meditation. Starting with Ashtanga, she then continued with a 840 hour yoga teacher training in Switzerland, learning Viniyoga, or school of Madras, with Anoula Sifonios and Johan Vermeylen.

She travelled to India and Indonesia to deepen her practice and learn from other experienced teachers.


She likes sharing a powerful practice with strong connection to the breath and a deep purpose. She believes that a meaningful and regular practice can transform our lives and our world experience.


Emilie usually teaches in French, but also speaks English.